2005 – Her Minor Thing

Monday, Nov 4, 2019

Christian as Paul

Directed by: Charles Matthau
Written by: Jim Meyers, Debra Meyers
Produced by: Jim Meyers
Production year: 2004
Original release: 2005
Running time: 1 hour, 31 minutes
Other cast: Estella Warren, Michael Weatherly
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Jeana’s (Estella Warren) boyfriend, Tom (Michael Weatherly), a television news reporter, is increasingly frustrated with her unwillingness to hop in the sack. One day, unaware that he’s on the air, he tells his audience he’s dating a virgin. Jeana is mortified by Tom’s admission, and she immediately finds that she’s targeted by randy local men who want to sleep with her. Most of the guys are jerks. But, when she meets a photographer named Paul (Christian Kane), her faith in men is restored.

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