2007 – Carrie Underwood: So Small

Thursday, Nov 7, 2019
Artist: Carrie Underwood
Release Date: August 14, 2007
Album: Carnival Ride
Length: 3:47
Written By: Carrie Underwood, Hillary Lindsey and Luke Laird
Purchase Song: Apple Music

Underwood’s video for “So Small” was directed by Roman White. The video was originally planned to be premiering on September 13 on CMT, but instead premiered on September 20, 2007 on CMT, where the channel became “Carrie Music Television” and aired the video continuously from 6:00am–12:00pm straight, playing it an estimated 66 times. The video was also made available to purchase exclusively on the iTunes music store on September 20.

The video begins with a teenager girl walking down a country road alone at dusk, carrying only a backpack. A flashback is shown of her arguing with her mother before she walks out of her house. Two cars are then shown approaching her from opposite ends, driven by a man (played by Christian Kane) and a crying woman. As the woman’s car nears the teenager, she steps in front of it in an attempt to commit suicide. The woman swerves to the left side of the road to avoid hitting her, colliding instead with the man’s car. Both vehicles freeze in mid-collision with their occupants unharmed and unaffected by the collision, while the front of the vehicles crumple from the impact and the windshields shatter, sending glass flying everywhere. Both the man and the woman have flashbacks of themselves leaving home after having a fight with their respective families and leaving them. As the night fades with a sunrise, the collision is reversed, and the teenager steps back from the road instead of onto it. Seeing this, both the man and the woman stop their cars and step out. The video ends with the three of them returning to their homes and reconciling with their families.

Underwood is also seen throughout the video standing in the middle of the road in separate shots, singing both at night and in the morning.

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