2001 – Dawson’s Creek

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019

Christian as Nick Taylor

Created by: Kevin Williamson
Original Network: The WB
Number of Episodes: 1 (that Christian has starred in)
Production year: 1997-2002
Original release: January 20, 1998 – May 14, 2003
Running time: 1 hour
Other cast: James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams
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This drama series chronicles the lives of wannabe filmmaker Dawson Leery, his best friend Joey (female), who has been in love with him since childhood, close friend and slacker Pacey, and new girl next door Jen. Additional friends come and go, feelings change, and Dawson must suffer through growing pains.

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Season 4 Trailer

Episode Information

4.11 – The Tao of Dawson

Directed by: Keith Samples Air Date: January 10, 2001

Pacey learns that Dawson and Gretchen are dating which doesn’t suit him at all. So, Pacey tries to get Gretchen and her ex-boyfriend, Nick Taylor, back together when they go on a road trip to pick up her car at her college in Providence. Back in Capeside, Joey has her fair share of problems when she gets locked in a storage closet at the Yacht Club with none other than the loathsome sociopath Drue Valentine, whom has set up the whole thing to avoid visiting his estranged father in New York. Meanwhile, Dawson observes the feelings growing between Mr. Brooks and Grams and fears that Grams will get hurt when she finds out that Brooks, like her last husband, is terminally ill with cancer.