The Librarians – Season Four

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019

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4.01 – And the Dark Secret

Directed by: Marc Roskin Air Date: December 13, 2017

When one of the four cornerstones of the Library of Alexandria turns up, the Librarians must find the others before the Library is destroyed forever by a church sect that wants the world to return to the Dark Ages. Jenkins reveals that Nicole Noone, Flynn’s original guardian, is alive and has been locked up in a secret part of the library. After being sent 500 years into the past on her last mission with Flynn, she became immortal and hid the cornerstones. Also, in order to remain a force for good, the Library needs to be tethered to humanity via a ceremony presided over by Jenkins that will make Flynn and Baird immortal like Judson and Charlene, so the Librarians are currently rehearsing.


4.02 – And the Steal of Fortune

Directed by: Eriq La Salle Air Date: December 13, 2017

Gamblers at Fortune Downs, a casino and racetrack, end up having horrible luck, so the Librarians investigate the goings-on. They find that Fortuna, Roman goddess of Fortune, has returned to steal everyone’s luck and the only way to defeat her is to win in the casino despite the curse.


4.03 – And the Christmas Thief

Directed by: Noah Wyle Air Date: December 20, 2017

Santa Claus leaves his sleigh in the Library while he and his elves go on vacation with Flynn, Eve, and Jenkins. Ezekiel visits his adoptive mother and sisters, who are small-time thieves. Annoyed by their teasing, he takes his mother Lenore (Gia Carides) to the Library, where she steals the magic door. Ezekiel, Cassie, and Jacob use Santa’s sleigh to track her down. They find out she’s been using the door to steal Christmas presents from around the world, including a painting from the vault in the Bank of Thieves. While they’re returning it, the Saint of Thieves (Steven Weber) catches Ezekiel and his mother, forcing Lenore to spill the truth. He appropriates Santa’s sleigh, which he wishes to destroy to get back at his brother, Santa. Cassie calls Jenkins, who steps through the repaired door with a note from Santa, gifting his brother the sleigh. Since he can only accept stolen gifts, the sleigh is now safe from him. Ezekiel then takes his mother on the sleigh to return all the gifts she stole.


4.04 – And the Silver Screen

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Air Date: December 20, 2017

While going to see a revival screening of an old film, Baird and Flynn get trapped inside the film as the main leads. The narrative won’t advance without them enacting all the scenes, but the film has a different ending than the one everyone knows. When Jacob, Cassie, and Ezekiel arrive to help, they are transported into the other films playing at the theater.


4.05 – And the Bleeding Crown

Directed by: Marc Roskin Air Date: December 27, 2017

Everyone in a small town becomes a senior citizen. While investigating, the Librarians meet an old Librarian from the 1880’s, Darrington Dare. His old nemesis, Ambrose Gethik, jumped into the future with a plan that could only be found at this point in time. Darrington tells Flynn that there can only be one Librarian or the Librarians will tear each other apart.


4.06 – And the Graves of Time

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Air Date: December 27, 2017

Eve Baird goes to find Nicole Noone to learn why she no longer wants to stay with the Library. However, Russian goons have been raiding Nicole’s old graves to find a key that would lead to Koschei’s Needle, a very powerful artifact that can slay a nation or an immortal. Flynn and Jenkins go to find the two Guardians and the artifact. Rasputin, under the guise of a descendant of the Romanovs, grabs the needle and stabs Noone, restoring his youth, but dies after stabbing a pipe full of radiation. Jenkins sacrifices his immortality to restore Noone and Flynn, after his talks with Noone, decides to resign from the Library.


4.07 – And the Disenchanted Forest

Directed by: Dean Devlin Air Date: January 3, 2018

Following Flynn’s departure, Baird takes the remaining Librarians to a team-building camp indicated by the clipping book. It turns out many of the campers disappear under mysterious circumstances, but the camp organizer simply calls them quitters. Jacob falls for one of the counselors, who is actually a reporter fired for writing about the Library. It turned out that the forest was kidnapping people, not for some evil purpose, but to find a translator for the forest language, a job for which Stone was perfectly suited. In order to preserve the Grandfather Tree, from which all other forests are born, the forest gives the Librarians a golden pine cone which can rebuild the forest.


4.08 – And the Hidden Sanctuary

Directed by: Noah Wyle Air Date: January 10, 2018

After a mission in Ecuador goes badly, Cassandra decides to go to Havenport, Ohio, the safest city in the US, for a while. The town was getting ready to celebrate 10,000 days without any sort of accident. However, despite trying to live a normal life, she eventually gets dragged into solving the mystery of why this town is so impossibly safe with the aid of her landlady’s son, Freddy. It seems a fairy was trapped in a snow globe, forced to keep everyone in town safe.


4.09 – And a Town Called Feud

Directed by: Valerie Weiss Air Date: January 17, 2018

Eve, Jacob, and Ezekiel investigate ghost appearances in a town famed for its legend of two brothers who joined opposite sides in the Civil War and killed each other, while Cassandra and Jenkins look into the history of the two brother Librarians whose own quarrel supposedly resulted in the Dark Ages, hoping to prove wrong Darrington’s assertion there can only be one Librarian at a time. Eve and the others learn that the legend is wrong and the Civil War brothers actually reconciled before dying in a bomb blast, but Cassandra and Jenkins discover the Librarian brothers’ feud really did cause the Dark Ages because they put their own egos ahead of their service to the Library. Based on their experiences, Jacob and Ezekiel, who had agreed with Darrington’s view, now reject it, while Cassie and Jenkins, who had rejected the idea, now accept it.


4.10 – And Some Dude Named Jeff

Directed by: Lindy Booth Air Date: January 24, 2018

As Eve and the Librarians leave the Library on a mission, Jenkins opens a teleportation door for them as usual. Only, while none of them appear to notice, it isn’t Jenkins, but a bumbling dude named Jeff. The real Jenkins wakes up at Jeff’s residence, discovering they have switched bodies. His attempts to get back in the Library fail until he confides in Jeff’s friends and co-workers, a group of techno-nerds and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts. They help him work his way back through the traps and challenges of the Library’s back door. Meanwhile, the Librarians grow suspicious of the bumbling Jeff-as-Jenkins who, at length, confesses making the switch with a chance-acquired grimoire. Unfortunately, the book was the prison of Asmodeus, Duke of Hell. Using it weakened the spell binding him and he is now at large in the Library, searching for the gem that will free him completely. It’s not there, as Jeff gave it to his mother. Azmodeus defeats the Librarians, but the real Jenkins returns in time to save Jeff. They then trail the demon back to Jeff’s house and defeat him together. After regaining his true body, Jenkins continues his relationship with his new friends, becoming Dungeon Master of Jeff’s D&D group.


4.11 – And the Trial of the One

Directed by: Marc Roskin Air Date: January 31, 2018

Loud chiming bells signal that the tethering must happen right away, but the Librarians cannot choose which one should participate. To help make the decision, Stone reads a spell found by Cassandra, The Ritual of the One. All are taken to the Trial grounds where the Library, in possession of Jenkins, decrees a battle to the death leaving one Librarian, with Jenkins’ life forfeit if the Librarians refuse. Cassandra, Stone, and Ezekiel are briefly transported to their worst nightmares where friends are recast as enemies, emerging with no memory of each other. A violent race to the finish ensues, each Librarian convinced the only way to save Jenkins is to kill the others, until Baird intervenes and convinces them not to murder one another. Jenkins is freed, but the Library still kills him. Enraged, Cassandra, Stone, and Ezekiel all resign, leaving the Librarianship vacant. A despairing Baird is visited by Nicole Noone, who explains that everything was part of her plan. Now that it has been abandoned and untethered, the Library fades out of reality, leaving Baird alone in a washed out alternate world.


4.12 – And the Echoes of Memory

Directed by: Dean Devlin Air Date: February 7, 2018

The Librarians struggle to survive in the alternate world, chased by a bitter and angry Nicole. After their faith in the Library is restored, the Library itself returns, but Jenkins remains dead. Flynn chooses to use an artifact to travel back in time to when Nicole first became immortal in order to right his wrong of never going back for her. Flynn tells Nicole that she must remain in the past, but asks her to have her adventures for the Library instead of against it, something that she accepts. When Flynn returns to the present, time has been altered as a result of Nicole letting go of her bitterness. None of the evil Nicole caused has occurred and Jenkins is alive and immortal again. Flynn and Baird, the only ones who remember the world where Nicole was evil, undergo the tethering ceremony as Librarian and Guardian.