The Librarians – Season One

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019

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1.01 – And the Crown of King Arthur

Directed by: Dean Devlin Air Date: December 7, 2014

NATO anti-terror agent Eve Baird meets Flynn Carsen during a mission in Berlin, and, on her return to the United States, is invited to join the Library as the Guardian, tasked with protecting the Librarians. Despite Flynn’s resistance, she works with him to investigate the murders of several former Librarian candidates, and they rescue three who are still alive: mathematician Cassandra Cillian, art expert Jacob Stone, and thief Ezekiel Jones. With their help, Flynn and Eve link the murders to the Library’s ancient enemy, the Serpent Brotherhood, and prevent them from stealing the crown of King Arthur from a stonehenge circle in northern England. When they return to the Library, however, Cassandra betrays them and leads the Brotherhood to the Library. When Flynn intervenes, a Brotherhood lieutenant, Lamia (Lesley-Ann Brandt), stabs him with Arthur’s sword, Excalibur. As the Librarians escape, Judson and Charlene cast a spell to seal off the alternate dimension where the Library resides.


1.02 – And the Sword in the Stone

Directed by: Dean Devlin Air Date: December 7, 2014

As the Library begins to seal itself off, Eve, Jake, Ezekiel, and a mortally-wounded Flynn exit through a door to a remote forest in Oregon, where they meet Judson’s old friend Jenkins, who runs a branch of the Library in Portland. As his wounds cannot be treated, Flynn commits himself to spending his last day preparing the others to take over from him. They track Lamia and the Brotherhood to a Roman crypt beneath Buckingham Palace, where the latter plan to perform a ritual that will flood the world with magic. With Cassandra’s help, the group regains control of both the crown and Excalibur, though not before Lamia manages to complete the ritual. Using what little magic Excalibur has left, Cassandra heals Flynn instead of using it to eliminate her tumor. Eve begins to develop feelings for him, and they share a kiss before he leaves the group to search for a way to restore the Library.


1.03 – And the Horns of a Dilemma

Directed by: Marc Roskin Air Date: December 14, 2014

Eve works to train the Librarians as soldiers, but is continuously frustrated by their lack of experience. Against her wishes, they head to Boston to investigate the disappearance of several interns at a prominent agribusiness firm. Eve becomes suspicious after meeting with the CEO, Karen Willis (Tricia Helfer), and breaks into the server room, where she finds a collection of artifacts. Stone deduces that the firm is using the artifacts to create a labyrinth, complete with a captive minotaur (Tyler Mane). Willis reveals that the company is in fact the last remnants of the Minoan monarchy, having survived for centuries on the power of the labyrinth. Ezekiel and Cassandra are able to deactivate the artifact room, allowing the minotaur to take its revenge on Willis. Eve concludes that the best way to manage the Librarians is to let them gain experience on their own terms.


1.04 – And Santa’s Midnight Run

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Air Date: December 21, 2014

The Librarians learn that Santa Claus (Bruce Campbell) has disappeared hours before Christmas. Jenkins explains that Santa is an “immortal avatar” who spends the year collecting goodwill; if he does not return it by the stroke of midnight, the world will fall into chaos. The team heads to London, where they find that the Serpent Brotherhood has poisoned him with mistletoe, causing him to shapeshift into Sinterklaas and Odin. They attempt to fly him out to the aurora borealis in Alaska so that he can finish his work, but are ambushed by Lamia and Dulaque (Matt Frewer), the leader of the Brotherhood. Dulaque throws himself out of the plane, but Jenkins admits that he will survive. Santa explains that Eve, having been born at the exact hour of Christmas Eve (hence her name), is the only one who can restore hope to the world, and despite her dislike for Christmas, she agrees to do so.


1.05 – And the Apple of Discord

Directed by: Marc Roskin Air Date: December 28, 2014

Flynn returns with troubling news: the Eastern dragons are threatening war unless a missing treasure is returned. The Librarians travel to a dragon lair under Vatican City, where they discover that the Brotherhood is using the dispute to persuade an important meeting of the supernatural community to dismantle the Library. The treasure, which turns out to be the Apple of Discord, corrupts both Jake and Cassandra before Flynn takes it back to the Library, where he (with the help of Ezekiel and Jenkins) convinces the delegates to maintain the Library as a check on the abuse of magic. Eve accepts Flynn’s offer to make her a full Guardian, but disagrees with his plan to stay in Portland. Realizing that he still has to find the Library, Flynn departs once again.


1.06 – And the Fables of Doom

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Air Date: January 4, 2015

Near a small town in Washington, a truck is thrown off a bridge by a giant hand. The Librarians investigate and discover a large statue under the bridge, which they identify as a troll. They also discover that many of the town’s residents are being turned into characters from popular fairy tales. It turns out that the town librarian (René Auberjonois) has been using an enchanted story book to become immortal by reading it to a young girl and draining her spirit, bringing the stories to life in the process. The Librarians themselves fall victim, with Cassandra becoming Prince Charming, Eve a princess, Jacob the Huntsman, and Ezekiel turning into Jack. Ezekiel persuades the girl to wish for a happy ending, imprisoning the librarian inside the book and undoing his magic. It is subsequently revealed that Cassandra, having briefly gained the ability to use sorcery, has retained some of her powers.


1.07 – And the Rule of Three

Directed by: Marc Roskin Air Date: January 11, 2015

The clipping book sends the Librarians to a Chicago-area science fair, where strange incidents linked to magic have occurred. While the others, posing as judges, investigate the fair, Eve confronts the host (Alicia Witt), who Jenkins exposes as the sorceress Morgan le Fay. Morgan explains that she has given the students an app that allows them to place curses on their competitors, forming an improvised coven that she can draw on to replenish her powers. Eve manages to temporarily strip her of her immortality using the app, but is forced to let her escape when the building magical backlash threatens to cause a major disaster. Using the expertise of a sympathetic student (Bex Taylor-Klaus), the Librarians are able to craft a Faraday cage to dispel the backlash. Before vanishing, Morgan taunts Eve with the knowledge that an unknown calamity will soon fall upon the Library. She leaves Eve with a Latin warning for Jenkins (whom she calls Galeas): “Don’t fear the villain, fear the hero”.


1.08 – And the Heart of Darkness

Directed by: John Harrison Air Date: January 11, 2015

While inspecting ley lines in Slovakia for disturbances, the Librarians run into a teenage girl named Katie (Lea Zawada), who begs them to save her friends from a nearby house. Eve takes Jake and Ezekiel to investigate, leaving Cassandra to watch Katie. Jenkins suggests that the “house” may be one of several magical shelters that occasionally appear to either help or harm travelers. Inside the house (which Stone identifies as 19th-century American frontier), the three are attacked by a shadowy entity and imprisoned inside a dollhouse. Cassandra discovers that the entity is trying to protect them from Katie; after her family discovered the house centuries ago, she banished them and took control of the house, using it to prey on strangers. Cassandra overpowers and turns Katie to dust, releasing her friends and restoring the house’s original caretaker spirit, who wishes them well as they return home.


1.09 – And the City of Light

Directed by: Tawnia McKiernan Air Date: January 18, 2015

The Librarians visit a small town in upstate New York where a UFO researcher has disappeared. They eventually discover the town’s secret: An experimental wireless grid built by Nikola Tesla in 1915 trapped the town’s original inhabitants in a pocket dimension, from which they can influence the modern world only by temporarily taking over the bodies of others, including the missing researcher. The town leader, Mabel Collins (Haley Webb), who bonds with Stone over their shared experiences of isolation, reveals that Tesla designed a capacitor to reverse the experiment, and the Librarians help her restart it after Eve becomes stuck in the dimension as well. At the last second, they abort the procedure to prevent a Tunguska-level explosion, releasing Eve but removing Mabel’s immortality, causing her to age and die. The other townspeople remain trapped, and Jenkins estimates that it will take another century before they can be found again, which he and Eve list as a priority for future Librarians.


1.10 – And the Loom of Fate

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Air Date: January 18, 2015

Flynn returns to the Library, having gathered an assortment of artifacts to restore the Library. However, Dulaque interferes and acquires the Loom of Fate, which he uses to rewrite history and prevent the downfall of Camelot. This sends Eve into an alternate timeline where Flynn did not become a Librarian. Together, the two make their way through other worlds created by the Loom, where they encounter alternate versions of Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Jake, all of whom have replaced Flynn in their timelines. Cassandra, having fully developed her powers of sorcery, sends Eve and Flynn to the River of Time, where they encounter Jenkins and a younger Dulaque (Jerry O’Connell), who reveals that he is Lancelot and Jenkins Galahad. While Eve and Jenkins fight Lancelot, Flynn uses the Loom to fix history and send the three back to the Library in time to save Eve from a mortal wound. As a reward for their service, Jenkins entrusts the Librarians with their own clipping books. While the others go on their first unsupervised mission, Flynn invites Baird on a “first date”, taking her through a portal to an unknown place.