The Librarians – Season Three

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019

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3.01 – And the Rise of Chaos

Directed by: Dean Devlin Air Date: November 20, 2016

The Egyptian god of chaos, Apep, is released from his imprisonment in the Great Pyramid of Giza by a Navy veteran visiting a museum exhibit, whose body he subsequently possesses. The Librarians track him to the Boston Science Museum, where he uses an old submarine to open a pathway to an ancient shrine that prevents the realms of evil and chaos from overtaking the world. When the group tries to stop him from unlocking the shrine, he uses his powers to turn them against each other, which they counteract by singing in harmony. Shortly thereafter, agents of an anti-magic government division, DOSA, arrive and place the Librarians under arrest. Apep subdues them with his power when they make contact with him, allowing the group to escape while the veteran, who has no memories of his actions as Apep, is taken away to be interrogated by the head of DOSA, Cynthia Rockwell (Vanessa Williams).


3.02 – And the Fangs of Death

Directed by: Marc Roskin Air Date: November 27, 2016

After having a dream of the world ending, Carsen seeks out his old friend Charlene (Jane Curtin), who has retired to a remote Incan temple and wants nothing to do with the Library. When Flynn explains that Apep has returned, however, she agrees to leave with them. The next day, the two wake up to find her servants dead and Charlene missing. Using a pendant Flynn gave her as a gift, the Librarians follow her trail to a supercollider facility in Alberta, where a failed experiment has allowed Apep to summon the Egyptian god of death, Anubis, who has turned most of the facility’s workers and guards into werewolves. While Flynn and the team work with the surviving crew to close the portal, Jenkins and Eve encounter Apep in the body of a perimeter guard, who leads them to the portal. With Ezekiel turning into a werewolf, Flynn, Jake, and Cassandra seal the portal, returning Anubis and his followers to the land of the dead while Apep escapes. Having confirmed that Charlene was not responsible for helping Apep in the first place, Flynn sets out to find her, as she is the only individual besides Judson who knows how to defeat him.


3.03 – And the Reunion of Evil

Directed by: Noah Wyle Air Date: December 4, 2016

Jake and Cassandra are sent to retrieve a crystal from an ice cave in Sweden. Against Jake’s warnings not to rely on magic, Cassandra uses a spell to free the crystal, which seals itself within her body as Jake fights off a masked man looking for the cave. They find a remote hotel to shelter in, but the receptionist demands that they leave due to the hotel hosting a private reunion. They soon learn that the “reunion” is actually a peace summit between warring clans of Frost Giants who intend to seal their alliance by feasting on the crystal’s power. Posing as a giant, Jake is exposed when the real one arrives and he is tied up while the giants prepare to devour Cassandra. Using Cassandra’s magic and some help from the Library, the two escape. The giants start fighting amongst themselves, causing the hotel to vanish. Meanwhile, Jenkins and Eve try to teach Ezekiel some responsibility by having him care for an egg entrusted to the Library by the Loch Ness Monster.


3.04 – And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Directed by: Dean Devlin Air Date: December 11, 2016

Eve, Jake, and Ezekiel wake up to find themselves soaking wet and in a strange room filled with Greek symbols. With them are a student, principal, and cleaning lady from a high school in Seattle. Through investigation, they deduce that they were searching the school for magic after Baird had a prophecy of her death at the hands of the Reaper, an immortal being who only kills at a predetermined time. The Librarians eventually discover that the school’s swimming team had been using mystical water from Greece to grant themselves incredible luck, unaware that the water was actually taken from the Oracle of Delphi, who turns out to be disguised as the cleaning lady. The Oracle explains that she had a vision of her own death and sought to prevent it by summoning the Reaper to kill Eve instead. Using morse code, Eve has Jenkins toss the cube through a portal to Australia, breaking the prophecy. The Reaper turns on the Oracle, destroying her before informing Eve that she is released from her fate.


3.05 – And the Tears of a Clown

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Air Date: December 18, 2016

After receiving a warning from Eve, Jenkins tracks her and the Librarians to a carnival in Iowa, where they have been magically transformed into performers. Upon being freed from the spell and having their memories restored, they recall that they had gone there to investigate a case regarding a juggler before being captured. Posing as clowns, they return and look into the carnival owner, Kirby Goulding (Sean Astin), a magician who has gained control of real magic through a new artifact. It turns out that he has been using the carnival to track down his childhood sweetheart Charlotte (Felicia Day) so that he could perform an “Ascension” (a trick conceived by Harry Houdini) and send the carnival into another dimension. The Librarians try to steal his wand, which they mistake for the artifact, but are eventually caught and sentenced to be turned into wax statues. Stone deduces that the magician’s real artifact is his flower, which Charlotte manages to steal. Ezekiel uses it to lure him into the wax vat, erasing him and the carnival from existence. Jenkins and Eve place the flower in a wing of the Library dedicated to storing new artifacts, while DOSA agents retrieve pictures of the Librarians from the carnival’s former location.


3.06 – And the Trial of the Triangle

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Air Date: December 25, 2016

The Librarians stage an intervention for Flynn, who has become obsessed with finding the Eye of Ra, the only artifact that can defeat Apep. With their help, he discovers that the Eye was among a collection of Egyptian treasures aboard the Tibbar, a ship that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1886 along with the Librarian of the moment. Not wanting to risk the lives of the others, Flynn tricks them into leaving him behind while evacuating a flight being sucked into the Triangle and enters it himself. There, he finds that the missing Librarian intentionally stranded himself within the Triangle, creating a world based on the stories of Lewis Carroll to protect the Eye. He gives it to Flynn, but warns that a life must be sacrificed to use its power, which Flynn and Jenkins decide to hide from the Librarians. A DOSA agent who had been following the group is sent back after having his memories wiped, interrupting a meeting led by Rockwell.


3.07 – And the Curse of Cindy

Directed by: Nina Lopez-Corrado Air Date: January 1, 2017

The Librarians investigate a mysterious cult centered around Cindy Kroger, a washed-up reality show contestant who has devised a way to make everyone worship her. After both Flynn and Stone succumb to her magic, Jenkins deduces that Cindy is using a powerful love potion made from her tears. Furthermore, with the help of some controlled DOSA personnel, she intends to launch a potion-based chemical weapon that will put millions more under her influence. Ezekiel, who is immune to the potion because of his true love for Cindy, convinces her to stop the launch, only to discover that her potioneer Agnes intends to take her place. Jenkins arrives at the last second with an antidote, but Apep, who had been controlling Agnes all along, escapes. Ezekiel shares a kiss with Cindy as Apep returns to his sarcophagus, which is already in DOSA custody.


3.08 – And the Eternal Question

Directed by: Noah Wyle Air Date: January 8, 2017

In South Carolina, a golfer and his wife both die from spontaneous combustion. While Eve leaves with Flynn on a “secret mission” (which turns out to be a date), Stone, Ezekiel, and Cassandra trace the incident to a spa run by a family of Spanish immigrants, who they soon realize are vampires. Cassandra, who has recently learned that her tumor has become terminal, bonds with one of them, Estrella, who offers to grant her immortality. Meanwhile, Stone and Ezekiel learn that the spa is built on soil full of rare meteor fragments, which Estrella’s brother Tomas intends to distill into an elixir that will allow the vampires to walk in the sunlight away from the resort. With Jenkins’ help, they destroy him and his followers. Cassandra collapses soon after and is taken to the hospital, where she undergoes surgery. Upon awakening, she discovers that the removal of the tumor has not only left her mathematical abilities intact, but also given her the power to communicate mentally.


3.09 – And the Fatal Separation

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Air Date: January 15, 2017

During Stone’s trip to Shangri-La to train under the Monkey King (Ernie Reyes Jr.), the city is raided by collector Sterling Lam, who seizes Monkey’s prized staff for himself. Disguised as mercenaries, Ezekiel and Cassandra sneak the rest of the team into the city, but they are quickly subdued by Monkey, who is now under Lam’s control. While escaping from his treasure room, Flynn and Stone discover Charlene and spring her from captivity. Fearing that Apep will use her to access the Library, Charlene reveals that she plans to give up her immortality, which Flynn opposes. Baird meets with her mentor Rockwell, who explains that she is, in fact, a sleeper agent, albeit an unwilling one. With Charlene’s help, Flynn defeats Lam and passes the staff to Stone, who returns it to Monkey. Grateful, Monkey gifts him with a spell that can “bring light where there is darkness.” Back at the Library, Jenkins professes his love for Charlene before sending her to join Judson in an alternate dimension.


3.10 – And the Wrath of Chaos

Directed by: Marc Roskin Air Date: January 22, 2017

Baird gives Rockwell access to the Library in return for allowing her team to go free. She also acquires intelligence on the location of a mystical dreamcatcher within Mount Rushmore, which turns out to be a diversion planted by DOSA so that they can weaken the Library’s defenses. Baird leads them to the treasure vault, where Rockwell turns Jenkins to stone using Medusa’s head. Flynn sends the group to rescue him while he works to sabotage DOSA’s efforts. They free him, but Apep soon escapes from Rockwell’s custody and takes control of her body. Baird reveals that she and Flynn have been playing Apep from the beginning in order to vanquish him with the Eye of Ra. Apep detonates a bomb of pure evil inside the Library’s catacombs and assumes a spectral form. Flynn uses the Eye to absorb Apep’s power while Stone, Cassandra, and Ezekiel use their gifts to render him mortal, causing him to be consumed as the Eye’s sacrifice. Rockwell agrees to return all of the artifacts to the Library and the Librarians resume their normal duties.