Press: Supernatural: Christian Kane’s character from an alternate world?

Sunday, Nov 10, 2019

This is only an opinion piece that may not be accurate.

SPN HUNTERSSupernatural is going to bring in more alternate worlds for Season 15. We’ll get to see an alternate version of Dean. Will Christian Kane be in this world?

There are multiple dimensions in the world of Supernatural, and Season 15 is going to delve into at least one more of them. We’ll get to see an alternate version of Dean, and this could link to Christian Kane, who is coming into the season. Is it possible Kane will play a character in an alternate world?

The news of an alternate Dean comes from TVLine‘s Inside Scoop segment. We have no idea what’s going on in the alternate world, but the Last Ride trailer does give us a quick look at the version. He’s scruffy and it reminds me of the Samifer world that Zachariah created with Chuck as a human with tips to hoard toilet paper.

One thing I have started to wonder is whether Christian Kane, who is confirmed for at least one episode, will be from an alternate world. After all, Kane’s character is said to be a friend of Dean’s. There was no mention of Sam, and it’s highly possible that there’s no Sam in the alternate world that Dean is in—or Sam is Samifer?

Of course, Kane could just be someone from our Dean’s past. There is a glimpse of Kane’s character in the Last Ride trailer. This shows us Dean dressed as he normally is, suggesting the character will be in our own world.

It’s clear that anything is possible right now. We’ll be jumping worlds, we’ll meet new people, and we’ll see old friends. Are you ready?


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